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Stay Overnight in
the Old West
A stay at the Bodie Hotel in Bridgeport California gives one a glimpse into one of the most fascinating periods of America’s history, the wild west with boom town mining operations, open range cattle ranches, notorious outlaws and the lawmen that would bring them to justice.
The Bodie Hotel is a two story Victorian era house reminiscent of buildings in the nearby mining town of Bodie.
It's much like the boarding houses of the 1860s except each room has its own private bathroom with shower.
The rooms vary in size, some with a single bed and others featuring two beds. The black velvet wallpaper coupled with the shag carpeting really help make this boom town building unique.
Reasonable rates range from $59.95 to $125 per night. The facility has wireless internet available.
Guests like the Bodie Hotel. "Bridgeport is a nice little town that is full of life . . . and this hotel is no different. My husband and I stayed here and really enjoyed the entire experience. This hotel is definitely one of a kind from its rickety staircase and velvet wallpaper to its shag carpet.
The rickety staircase only adds to the whole experience. The rooms are all different and full of personality and all seemed clean and kept up.
The room we stayed in was nice and had a great view of the town below. The down comforter and pillows were definitely a plus.
The Bodie Hotel is definitely different and unique with its own quaint charm. I hope to stay here again soon."

Another visitor said: "One stays here for its history and character, and you shouldn't expect all the modern luxuries.

Having visited Bodie just before reaching Bridgeport, this building is in remarkably good condition when you consider its contemporaries in the desert.
It's probably the cheapest piece of genuine history you can stay in."

Next door to the Bodie Hotel is the family run Sportsmen's Bar and Grill. The popular restaurant serves up delicious home cooked meals!
Three apartment units are available. Each is fully furnished and located in town. Each unit sleeps four people and include two bedrooms, a bath and full kitchen. The price is $140 per night with a two night minimum. That's just $70 per bedroom. Extended stays are welcome. Pets are not allowed.
Make your reservation now. Call (760) 616-1977.

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